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Pet Pain Management in Manchester, CT

The AMC believes in proper pain management for all pets, including those with arthritis and after surgical procedures.

The goal of excellent veterinary medicine is to treat the patient as a whole, taking into account both physical functioning-related medical problems and well-being-related emotional and psychological problems. Pain can negatively impact a patient’s health and state of mind as well as the way their body physically functions. Therefore, whether we are treating a pet for any medical problem, pain treatment is among our top priorities.

Our method of pain control entails anticipating potentially painful procedures, taking precautions to control pain before beginning therapy, and maintaining control of pain as your pet receives treatment and recovers. Have you ever considered how varied pain can appear in animals? For instance, a dog with chronic arthritis could show extremely mild signals of pain that, unless you know what to look for, can go unrecognized. Fortunately, our team of sympathetic, caring experts is knowledgeable in identifying the symptoms of pain in animals and creating a customized plan for treating our patients’ suffering.

Pet Pain Management

We are committed to providing every patient with safe and effective pain management, whether they are having regular procedures (like spays or dental cleanings) or more complex medical treatments (such as chronic arthritis or palliative care). Additionally, we’ll provide you tips on how to spot your pet’s signals of discomfort so that we can adjust the strategy we have in place for pain management as needed.

The core of providing our patients with high-quality, compassionate care is identifying and reducing their pain. We don’t take pain management for granted, and we’ll use every tool at our disposal to make sure your pet is comfortable, safe, and recovers completely.